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A Revolution In Education

GEETHAM is an emerging brand in the field of education, born with an aim of providing quality education. GEETHAM digitalized the whole IIT Foundation syllabus to bring more ease in the subjects. Teaching with visuals is a better way of spreading knowledge since it reaches wider section of audience.

GEETHAM Program For

  • Visuals
  • Materials
  • Week end & Grand Tests 
  • Results & Analysis

-Visuals are animated and clickable flash videos.

-Since students show less interest on system generated voice, these visuals are   voiceless.

-GEETHAM visuals and materials are prepared keeping student psychology in mind.

-Weekend tests will be held on regular basis on corresponding week's syllabus.

-Results of these tests will be released individually as well as with the comparision of branch   wide GEETHAM students.

-Along with the results the performance of the students will be analysed in different categories   like average ranks, subject wise ranks and trace out weak areas.

-GEETHAM team Motivates and Interacts  with young succesful IITians and Medical students.

About GEETHAM Visual Programmme

-The programme has whole IIT-foundation syllabus(Maths,Physics and Chemistry) in visuals.

-There is a requirement of Experienced IIT-Faculty to teach this programme.

-This programme requires not more than two hours per day.

-Flash videos, weekend tests, grand tests, results & analysis.

About GEETHAM Material Programme

-The students of this programme will be provided GEETHAM materials, weekend tests, grand   tests, results & their analysis.

-GEETHAM materials are written by young IITians keeping student psychology in mind.

-GEETHAM materials are made with wide sources of reference.

IIT-Foundation Programme

-Students of GEETHAM visual programme will be building creative thoughts on subjects once    they start watching the visuals regularly.

-All the students will be in a position of understanding the actual subject.

-GEETHAM visual programme helps students to imagine clear views for complicated concepts    once they start attending these visual classes.

-Students will be getting through, in all the competitive exams like NSO, IMO, NTSE, KVPY,       Ramaiah and all other Olympiad tests.

-GEETHAM's analysis helps students to examine where each student stand among all the       GEETHAM students.

-Pupil will be habited to JEE kind of examinations in school level itself.

-These programmes makes students to pursue a qualitative higher education and will raise the   aptitude levels of the students.

-GEETHAM visual programme will be one more modern method of teaching and will be   generating world class students from your school itself.

Board Members

Ginjupalli Durga Prasad


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     Geetham High School,
Palakalur Road, 
Guntur,Andhra Pradesh.


Phone: +91 7793972888